Top 5 Places That Make McLeodganj A “Foodie’s” Paradise

cafes in mcleodganj

McLeodganj isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling, especially so if you’re a sucker for food and everything good. Everything, right from the serenity of the place, to the breathtaking views, the people, the food, the culture; heavenly is the word.

As someone who has been to McLeodganj only once, I tried to make the most of that place in whatever little time I had there. If you’re one for good food and great people, this is the place for you. The hilly slopes of Mcleodganj are lined with shops that sell touristy things, but more importantly, they are full of small hole in the wall cafes and restaurants which serve piping hot, delicious food.

Here’s a list of top 5 places to head to if you’re in need for some serious foodgasm! while visiting “McLeodganj”


#5 Mcllo Restaurant



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The McLlo restaurant, conveniently located at the city centre offers mouth-watering dishes, especially their prawns are one to die for. Priced a little on the higher side, you’ve got to make a reservation to get a place.



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#4 Illiterati Café



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One of the well known, rather elite places is the Illiterati café, hoisted a little on top of the rest of the valley. It houses a beautiful view if you sit on the outside and it serves the best breakfasts and has the most adorable mountain dogs, if you’re a fan, that is! The place has amazing Lasagnas, pastas and all sorts of continental delicacies. Perfect fit for when you want to indulge in your European fantasies; looking into the gorgeous valley and enjoying some delicious continental food!


#3 German Bakery



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All across town are strategically placed German bakeries which all serve delicious fluffy muffins and cakes of different kinds with the right kind of coffee to go with them for the random cravings while you walk through the Mall Road, shopping for tiny tit-bits. Also, some of them make really good brownies and it wouldn’t take you long to trace them because their heavenly smell will pave the way for you!



#2 Seven Hills of Dokebi



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One of the lesser known places is the Seven Hills of Dokebi, a small, quaint place which serves all things Korean. It is a book café, but only houses Korean books of various genres. But if you’re looking for some lip-smacking Beef Bulgogi and Japchae noodles this is the place to be. Their food makes up for their lack of advertising skills!


#1 Stories of Tibetans Cafe


If you’re up for a different food experience, a must visit would be to the Stories of Tibetans Cafe. It’s a relatively small place, the walls of which are full of framed portraits of Tibetans. The ceilings host a series of various more Polaroid pictures of their daily lives, which are hung ona thread. A man, possibly the owner, sits on one side of the room and narrates the most enthralling tales about Tibet, its religion and culture as you delve deeper into their delicious dishes. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. Also, the place is pretty and serves all your Instagram needs.

Must try banana lassi here…


These are a list of 5 unique yet pleasing food joints that would make any foodie want to get on the next flight to McLeodganj, Dharamshala! Though not very fancy, all these places hold their own charm are destined to serve you not just good food but even better memories that you are bound to cherish forever!

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