RelationShit!!! Oops Its A Relationships – “The riskiest game ever”

Relationshit oops relationships

There are so many games available in the market. Whether you talk about online games or offline games. But Today’s generation is just tired of playing all these games as they were not getting a kick in it. So, for now they have discovered a new game and I am sure you have heard about it. It is called as ‘RELATIONSHIPS’. Yeah guys, this game is being played on large platforms with no rules and regulations and this generation just adore this game.



In today’s world relationships are merely just a game, I know its not true in all the cases but still in most of them. Riya is in relationship with Abhishek and Ayush both at the same time.

Rohit loves Aparna but is in relationship with Ayushi as she is richer and fulfils all his wishes.



Rahul is in relationship with Priyanka but talks to his best friend Mansi daily late at night.



And…. There are many more such cases which all of us know.


All of them are players, some are new while some are old, some are good at this game while some are just learning how to play.


People have forgot what “true love” actually means.


There is a wide difference between ‘love’ and ‘lust’, ’attraction’, ‘liking’ and ‘infatuation’ but now people have closed their eyes and have blocked their minds. They don’t want to ask themselves what they are actually feeling. Do they really love the next person or its just temporary attraction?



Everyone is playing with someone’s feelings. People have become so monstrous in this game that they don’t even care what are the consequences of this game.


Being in a relationship is in itself a huge responsibility. A human being is at some level depending on you and what are you giving him/her in return? Think about it. Are the morning and Night texts enough? Are those long rides and a dinner enough? Is being physical enough? Are those phone calls enough which you make when you have nothing to do?

love relationship shits


Well well well !!!! Lets talk about the teenagers, the one who haven’t yet finished their high school. They have also heard about this game “Relationships” and trust me they are quite aware about how its played.



A kid of 7th standard was having a girlfriend and when he went to 8th he switched to another girlfriend and in 9th he was having two girlfriends at the same time. No no don’t get shocked, it has become really normal as in this game there are no rules and regulations.


Its true that we can like anyone at anytime and at anyplace and there is nothing wrong in it. We actually have to think whether we just like the person or there is something more and no one can tell us that except ourselves.



Being in a relationship is not everything. This is not where the world ends.

There is so much more to do in life. If you are not able to make yourself happy how can you guarantee someone else’s happiness? Think about yourself before you think to tie yourself with someone else. Instead of breaking up later, you can try to make a better decision in starting.


‘RELATIONSHIPS’ named game is getting famous day by day. Be aware and don’t get into its trap as it’s the most addicting game ever sweetheart.


Its not important to play this game. And if you are playing this game be the hero not the villain..

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