JAB HUNAR SAR CHADH KE BOLE..Bantai VS Raftaar ki Raftaar

Emiway bantai vs Raftaar fight (Gossip Uncle)

Public mei to bhot log lad lete hai but this ladai will surely blow your mind.

Have you heard about the most talented and interesting fight ever?

Not yet?


It all started with just a statement made by Raftaar in an interview aur bas aag lag gayi..



The statement was regarding “Emiway” conveying that he is not earning now and “Divine” is bigger than him when he was asked by Raaj Jones ki “Rapper’s paise kama rahe hai kya?



This sentence was just enough for Bantaii.. He transferred all his frustration in a rap song.



He made a diss for Raftaar named

“Samajh mei aaya kya”..

Its such an awesome video and great music… Oh sorry, wait wait ye toh ek disrespectful video hai for Raftaar but still talent can never be hidden… Emiway said many inappropriate things about Raftaar in this song

 Lay mai bezatti ki hai bhai ne..


He clearly said that Raftaar didn’t made him but “Aur BANTAI” has made him and all his anger is depicted in the song

Ab itni mehnat Emiway ne ki toh Raftar is not the one to remain silent…

And here comes another video named “Sheikh Chilli” with again great music. Raftar’s voice is seriously FAAD.


In this song, Raftaar mentions how everywhere he has supported Emiway. As in Sadak song and in Mumbai also… But still, the song is damn cool.

I know that it’s a fight but no one can ever stop appreciating the true talent.



Well, after this “BANTAI” came up with another video or you can say next stone to throw. This video was named “GIRAFTAAR”.



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In which he asks Raftaar ki paisa le! To whichever facts he has mention in his video.. and again, a rocking diss is here..


And the chain goes on and again a video comes up from Raftaar and trust me guys its amazing..Bantai ki public ko thandai pilao Bantai bada hua mithayi khilao” Seriously?? Lolzz..

Great song revealing many things about Bantai that he copies RUSS and many other things. Well this was the last video from Raftaar, no more fight songs from his side.

And then aata hai Bantai ka “KHATAM”..


This song again opposes everything said in Raftaar’s Video but still it’s a brilliant fast rap.



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This was a kind of musically fight between two great rappers. There were public supporting their favourite between the two hence increasing their fight. Actually, if we see it’s a healthy fight both of them are disrespecting each other but with their talent not just posting rubbish or commenting rubbish and all this is in public so its in itself something different and hell interesting.



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Well, what’s your point of view regarding this DHIKCHIK fight? Please comment your views and share this article.

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