Did You Eat These Delicious Durga Puja Delicacies “#YumieFood4MyTummy”

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Durga Puja “Pujo” for Bengalis, commonly called Dussehra in the larger parts of the country, is the worshipping of Goddess Durga over a ten day long period ending with Dashmi (the tenth day) when she is said to have won the battle over the evil Asura. Apart from all the zeal and enthusiasm with which they celebrate the festival, what’s more enthralling is the variety and spread of different food items that people delve into during all the festivities.


Durga Puja


Here’s a list of some

Mouth-watering delicacies ranging from bite sized snacks to finger licking good food that one should definitely have during durga puja “Pujo”:


1. Puchka



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You’d be lying if you say this wasn’t the first thing that came to your mind! Puchka is the Bengali equivalent of heaven in a bite. It’s golgappa but with a hell lot of tasty stuffing, mostly dipped in the sweet tamarind chutney. It’s a must have while pandal hopping to rejuvenate yourself when you’re exhausted.


2. Kabiraji Cutlet



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Tasty minced meat coated with flaky cornflake crumbs and deep fried to perfection until it turns golden brown and is just the right amount of crunchy! It’s available in chicken and mutton and both are equally delicious. Usually served with a side of chutney and some salad, this is the perfect go to food to suffice your cravings for some good cutlets.


3. Luchi – KoshaMangsho



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Luchi is a puri made of all purpose flour and kosha mangsho is synonymous to bhuna meat, just in very Bengali terms. The combination is a match made in heaven and is sure to cure you of all your sadness as soon as you take a bite!


4. Mughlai Paratha



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Nobody is really sure how they came up with the name, but going by the royalty of this dish it sure suits it. Mughlai Paratha is a paratha deep fried with a layer of egg until it’s crispy. It comes in variants of chicken and mutton filling and is served with a dry aloo sabzi. It’s scrumptious and highly filling all at the same time and is a definite try during the severe hunger pangs amidst running all the errands during Pujo.


5. Chennar Paayesh



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This is one of the most famous variants of kheer (paayesh) amongst Bengalis. Especially during the Pujo days, when you’ve stuffed yourself with spicy delicacies, this is a perfect sweet dish to soothe your palate. What’s better is that it’s readily available in any Bengali sweet shop.



6. Rajbhog



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Big spongy dough of pure bliss, rajbhog is the big brother of roshogolla and undeniably no Bengali meal is ever over without some sweet! This comes in various flavours, but the original ones are the best. Guaranteed remedy for the ones with a sweet tooth.



This was a list of a carefully curated Bengali three course meal where you can have just the perfect amount of all the flavours, all while you manage to see some beautiful pandals during the Pujo season.

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