Are You Single or ‘Babu’, ’Jaan’, ’Shona’, ‘Nona’ Of Someone?

Being single pros cons are you single

What’s your status?

#Single or #Committed?



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Are you single or ‘babu’, ’jaan’, ’shona’, ‘nona’ of someone?



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Lets have a look to few pros and cons of being single!!

#1. TIME


Being single means having tons of #metime.



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You can go anywhere anytime and do anything. You don’t need to tell your partner about it. You have time for your friends and family too.



Time becomes more precious when you spend it with someone special. Always there comes a situation when you want to say this to someone “Mera toh saara time tumhara hai”.

But this never happens with SINGLE GUYS.





Everyone knows that single people are just like “azaad parindey” they can rome about anywhere without any second thought.



They can go out with their friends (especially opposite gender ones) and don’t have to feel guilty about it and there is no one to whom they have to give an explanation.

Cons of being in a relationship



Everyone don’t yearn for freedom that much. Once you are in a relationship, you get used to that non-freedom thing that when you are not restricted, you don’t feel good.

And single people out there have thoughts like “kaash koi ek baar rok he leta”, risking their freedom.



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#3. Formalities

funny (Gossip Uncle)


There is nothing like “Mele babu ne thana thaya” when you are single.

relationship shits


No good morning wishes no night duty and daily calls.

i am single


You can sleep whenever you want and there won’t be any issue because you didn’t wish good night or if you slept early.



It feels good when there is someone who calls you daily or message you daily, you know that someone is there who will surely wish you night and morning and yes it feels good when you phone is busy and full of adorable messages.







When you are single, your bucks are all yours. Whether you spend it, or you save it or you do hell with it no one cares as its YOUR money.



You might end up having great savings if you are a quite organized person.




When you spend your money on someone else or when you buy some gifts for your “jaan” and they get a lovely smile on their face, that’s special. Money can buy something priceless in these cases. That smile matters.




#5. BODY and FOOD


Singles can order anything, there is no second opinion required. “Accha khana” is priority “babu kya khayega” is not. You don’t feel bad if you are getting fat. No one’s love is gonna decrease if you gain some weight.





You start eating things your partner likes and sometimes their choices are better.



When you are under pressure you do better things, Sexy figure matters when you are not single. Being committed keeps you going and push you towards a healthy lifestyle.



These were few pros and cons of being single. If you are also single please share what pros and cons you are facing in the comment section.

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